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Injoguisa puts its experience and knowledge in the treatment and painting facilities at your service to obtain high quality, efficient and simple production systems and processes, with controlled and economical costs.
Injoguisa is a pioneer in the engineering and manufacture of paint lines.

What motivates us?

Help our customers to successfully implement the demands imposed by the surface treatment and coating market, designing installations that are adaptable to future changes.
From the strategy to the start-up
Start up
We analyze the needs of each client according to their product.


We design, designing, manufacture and offer extended services to our clients with the view always put in that our machines are those that the client needs for the treatment of their products, adjusting to the way of producing particular of each industry, in order that their pieces have the finish that your customers expect from you, with the look and performance of anti-corrosive coating necessary.


Help our customers to increase the quality and protection of their products by applying an excellent surface treatment.


To be leaders in Spain of the surface treatment and coating market, designing adaptable and sustainable facilities for future changes for each individual client.


  • Installations at their right price following the particularities of each client.
  • Help the sector in its development.
  • Honesty in relationships with customers and suppliers.
  • Respectful treatment with coworkers and collaborating companies.


“More than 35 years to your service”
Industrial paint treatment machine
Automotive transport for the treatment of industrial paint
Pretreatment booth
Industrial Jogui S.A. is a company founded in 1981 by two entrepreneurs who dealt with the commercial part on the one hand, and the technical part on the other, created the company that already from its origins offered industrial paint treatment machines adapted to each client in particular.
INJOGUISA was born with the purpose of offering solutions to the industrial paint treatment process with the aim of designing specific machinery to treat surfaces.
Almost 40 years later, not only these objectives are fixed in our DNA, but also the clear one they go to offer machines, related to the treatment of industrial paint, high quality and at the same time economic, that respond to the requirement that each client it raises us with the final objective that our products add value to their companies.

Advanced Services

Advanced painting treatment
The advanced painting treatment facilities are one of the services that Inguisa, from its inception, offers among others for the optimization of the production of our customers. We put at your service our experience in different painting processes, in the treatment of parts, in the stabilization of products and their dynamics, their automation, and connection with the objective of taking our clients’ businesses to a higher level.

“we take our clients’ businesses to a higher level”

Our knowledge of the products, systems and services we provide, such as advanced painting treatment facilities, allows us to provide specific services, helping you to control the production process costs and to make the stage efficient and simple.

Corporate social responsibility

We sponsor the sport:
Handbol de Sant Fost de Campsentelles.
We sponsor the entrepreneurial spirit:
We actively participate in the committees of the Col· legid’Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya: