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Powder Paint Cabin

If we observe the objects that surround us, we will see new or old pieces of wood, metal or glass, painted with powder paint. The powder paint is a mixture of resin, hardener, additives and pigment that once applied and polymerized will give a nice appearance and good protection.

Powder paint is an industrial coating widely used in the industry, as it is a durable, easy to apply paint that allows it to be reused. Its storage does not require specific elements and its handling is simple.

The most frequent way to use it is the application by means of a gun, using electrostatic equipment, although in certain applications fluidized tanks are used.

In the process of designing the powder paint booth, other elements are needed such as:

  • Cyclones of dust settling, to collect the paint powder
  • Absolute filters, to avoid the exit of dust of low granulometry to the environment.
  • Dust screens, to sift the dust before being used
  • Reciprocadores and robots of painting
  • Application equipment and color Centrals.

We design and implement all the necessary elements so that the result of painting with powder paint is the optimum for your objectives.

The technical and human team of Industrial Jogui S.A., Injoguia, is permanently in contact with its customers. We take care of the entire design, manufacturing, commissioning and after-sales process of the installed equipment.