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Metal Furniture

The furniture sector and in particular the manufacturers of metal furniture have been found in recent years with the incursion of a very aggressive international competition. This fact has caused in many companies, changes of business model to adjust to new market requests or to improve their manufacturing processes.

The prospects for the future are favorable since the associations of the sector announce increases in billings due to increased consumption of families and companies.

Both connotations affect the suppliers of goods and services, such as Injoguisa, causing our paint facilities to help our customers to be very competitive and add quality to their products.

The human team of the company looks for each design and manufacture of our paint lines to satisfy:

a. Accomplish the production of customer parts,
b. The appearance of the furniture satisfy the different markets, national or external,
c. To manufacture profitable and technological facilities at adjusted prices.

We design our machines so that their productive and economic performance is maximum. To do this, Injoguisa advises our clients on how to work on the line to produce furniture with good aesthetic appearance and good quality.

We manufacture machines as energy efficient as possible, easy maintenance and low operating costs. Our pretreatment tunnels have the minimum contamination and the life of the chemical products is maximized, the furnaces are energy-efficient, the paint booths can make the color changes as quickly as possible, and air transport without failures.

We also manufacture flexible installations, with static ovens in which a great variety of pieces can be worked.

If your present is about improving your painting facilities or you plan to start or change the application, we encourage you to call us and we will work together to improve operational performance, improve operating costs and have a sustainable painting process