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Manufacture of Facilities


Static Oven

There are many times that an industrialist needs an installation that allows easy and quick changes, adaptable to different parts, that allows him to cover a large typology of clients and a great variety of options in their manufacturing. For this, the best option is a versatile paint installation, either powder paint application, liquid paint, or both. For this a static oven is required.

Other times it is required to work large volume, large mass or special pieces, whose difficulty of work or specialization requires to be treated individually. In these cases, also the static ovens is the most suitable tool for these jobs.

These industrial furnaces allow the entry of material through aerial conveyors, hand trucks, bridge cranes, bulls or other elements of movement of loads, or even allow the combination of several of them, such as using a manual air conveyor for parts of more production and use a bridge crane that drives a car or trolley for pieces of great weight or volume.

These static ovens have a good energetic answer since they usually have compact forms and of great saving of fuel, since it takes doors that must be closed to initiate the batch, with what all the heat takes advantage of.

These furnaces can operate at very different temperatures for different types of application, liquid paint, powder paint, rylsan, etc. always controlled by probe and pyrometer, allows different types of fuel.