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Installations Performed

Agricultural Sector

Our goal is to help manufacturers of agricultural and forestry machinery comply with the demands that their customers ask them, to manufacture products that are the best solutions in any terrain, whether the field or forest, and that we could summarize in the construction of robust, efficient, reliable machines.

Another important aspect is that their machines must to be recognized in the market, so a finish is required according to the corporate colors of each company, since, what advertising can be better than seeing in the neighboring field using the one machines?

Our painting facilities are designed to work with large-weight and large-thickness parts, with many requirements in the protection of parts and paint finishes.

Our degreasing tunnels are designed to degrease the totality of the pieces in the most efficient way, regardless of whether it is cutting or large pieces. The drying ovens eliminate the humidity of their products, the paint booths are large and facilitate the application of paint with comfort, our curing ovens and our polymerized ovens are always adjusted to the needs of the pieces that pass through them, obtaining the best results both in the cuttings and in the larger pieces.

We adapt to the way of producing each manufacturer. Our paint lines are prepared to offer an optimal result in any work condition that we consider, since we are dedicated to helping our customers, manufacturers of agricultural and forestry machinery, to produce their products properly.

The human team of Injoguisa, will help you to make the most of your installation, so that you can take full advantage of the capacity of the paint line. We invite you to contact us to work together to have the best image of the market.

We suggest you to contact us to look for the best project for your coating process.