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Installations Performed

Construction and civil industries

The sector of manufacturers of construction machinery, public works and mining have been those that have generated more innovation and internationalization of the industrial fabric. While it is true that they have suffered enough in recent years, it is equally true that the adjustments that the companies themselves and their production processes have made, have led to the clear improvement of their competitiveness.

From Industrial Jogui we have made the specific facilities for our customers manufacturers of machinery and public works elements are also very competitive, both in the initial cost and in the costs of use or exploitation and that in many cases our customers tell us that “they spend less than a lighter”.

The key to our success has been the collaboration with our customers, from the realization of the initial idea of ​​the line to the final execution of the coating installation.

Some of our clients, after having worked a long time with obsolete machines that generate a lot of handling, energy and waste of money in too many hours of cleaning cabins, have decided that this was the moment to make this productive process competitive. In these cases, we have manufactured machines that allow us to work flexibly, working by batches or orders, in an economical and efficient way.

An example of this is the installation they see in the photos where the operator in the loading area selects the family to which the piece that has hung belongs and this information is stored in the PLC of the line, so this piece follows the process foreseen for it (times, machines, space, etc.) and the piece that precedes it or the later one will follow its process, but when manufacturing and treating the pieces one after the other, there are no differences neither in finish nor in the appearance of them.

If you are thinking of a new paint train or want to improve the one you already have, we encourage you to contact us to work with you and obtain the highest productive, sustainable and economic performance of the painting process.