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Installations Performed

Sports Sector

The companies that come together in the sports sector are very diverse, as is the sector itself, since both the sector includes all the elements of sport itself and the material, or the necessary elements for its facilities, such as fishing or recreational boats.
The sector has a large dispersion of needs, since the materials that are used are very varied, from ferric materials or aluminum, to rubber or graffiti, etc., as well as the type of paint application they require.

The only point in common in such a varied manufacturing and function is the importance of being scrupulous with the demands of the client, which is very demanding.

For Industrial Jogui S.A., a company specializing in paint treatment and coating installations, the most important thing is to understand and capture, from the first design, the critical points with which we will find ourselves.

For example, there are products in which the curing fork of the product is very narrow, and requires an accuracy and control of the temperature at any point inside the oven very strict and rigid, with which the ovens are designed, manufactured and they mount for this purpose.

In other cases, the product to be applied has a complicated chemical formulation, with very short drying times, with which the paint booth must be prepared for complicated maintenance.

There is a product that requires a long time to complete the application of paint, such as manufacturing in general, while others require a lot of production to be profitable.

In any case, the commercial and engineering team of Injoguisa, will work together with you to capture all the vicissitudes of the application that your manufacturing requires, with the idea that the coating installation allows you to offer your customers the products they expect.

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