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Manufacture of Facilities


Degreasing Tunnel

The cleaning of the parts can also be done in other machines such as:

  • Pre-treatment or degreasing tunnels: they are indicated for serial processes, whether they are continuous or step-by-step processes. In these cases, to have a good cleaning of the piece and we can extend the life of the bathrooms, the degreasing tunnels should be designed with dimensioned tanks according to the dimensions of piece and speed and study the interfaces between phases keeping in mind the water drag of the pieces, which requires a clear study how to hang and how to avoid accumulations.
  • Washing vats: they are processes by immersion. Depending on the quality of the product we start and the nature, we can help the client to choose between the different chemical options and, once chosen, to design the tank.
  • Spray wash booths: they are booths for static processes, where there may or may not be an operator presence, and may or may not require a subsequent static oven. All these choices depend on the range of parts and the production to work.
  • Washing machines: these machines are specific for cleaning a limited type of parts. They are usually short series and we always make them to measure.
  • Aluminum treatment tanks: the configuration of tanks, dimensioning and times are aimed at obtaining the Qualicoat qualification of the treated aluminum.