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Industrial Painters and Services To Companies

If one wonders where the market for surface treatment and finishing or the industrial painters sector is pointing, we just have to put ourselves in the place of our clients.

It does not matter if we think of an application on steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, cast iron, resin, etc., the requirements are similar. We demand cutting-edge products that present the maximum performance without forgetting the functionality, durability, safety, design and aesthetics, novelty, elimination of possible contaminantes.

The perception that the customer has about what a treatment line can contribute to the quality of the finish of their products, together with the influence that the incorporation and exploitation of the line has on the industrial performance, reflected in the price / product ratio obtained, causes the client to demand more benefits from the products offered by the suppliers of the treatment lines.

These reflections have helped us to focus on the essentials and offer a fast and effective service. We offer multiple paint application options to be able to offer your clients impeccable results and with minimal re-jobs.

The process begins with a good engineering in the design of the installation, as well as a good communication between client and commercial, and the latter with the Projects Department and this, at the same time, with the chemical and paint manufacturers and paint equipment manufacturers.

The result that Injoguisa obtains is to provide our clients with:

Always thinking about our customers and their needs, we invite you to contact us.