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Manufacture of Facilities


Liquid Paint Cabin

One of the most used processes in the industrial world is liquid paint, usually with guns or by immersion.

Liquid paint is used in different applications and offers different possibilities, such as primer, base, intermediate layers, color, finish, lacquer, etc. and it is usually solvent-based or water-based.

This offers us a wide range of possibilities of operations and variants of objectives that are pursued in this process, Injoguisa studies each project and each requirement of each company in order that the pieces have the layer, microning, color and aspect that is required.

For this, and always designing facilities and cabins of liquid paint that minimize waste and rejects, allow to take the production that the client wants, and are sustainable with the environment, we manufacture and implant a great variety of options so that the integration with the different ways of working, allow stable processes and facilitate the cleaning and preparation of equipment.

We work to make our paint processes sustainable with the environment, since VOCs are dangerous to the ozone layer and contribute to the formation of smog.