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Manufacture of Facilities


Conveyors and Handling

Our conveyors are designed always thinking of the automatic transport or manual transport of any type of piece and are applied in the paint application process, for transport between machines or feeding them.

We adapt the conveyor circuits to each load, nature of the work, foreseen conditions of the installation, humid environments, pass through shot, high temperatures, corrosive environments, etc.

That is why we design and assemble:

  • Monorail aerial transport circuits in continuous or step by step. The movement of pieces always follow a same rhythm that can be varied.
  • Power and Free conveyor circuits It allows to work with framework in movement and stops in the same space, to facilitate for example the loading and unloading, or in the paint booths.
  • Inverted conveyor circuits. Appropriate when we have pieces that must be supported inferiorly.
  • Manual multi-way conveyor circuits. Good solution for static and versatile installations
  • Spindles: for the movement of pieces of size and weight not very large.
  • Skids: its application is adequate when we move racks with parts that are supported and placed for painting with a robot.
  • Conveyor circuit with hoists or cranes. To move heavy weight pieces directed by the operator.
  • Elevators of pieces: to move vertically frames, facilitating loading and unloading or in immersion painting processes.