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Manufacture of Facilities

For INJOGUISA, the engineering and the manufacture of surface treatment facilities are related processes, where we systematically pursue the identification and elimination of activities that do not add value to our products. We constantly seek opportunities for improvement with the aim of making our machines sustainable throughout their life cycle.

Our manufacture of surface treatment facilities follows the ideal of trying to improve continuously. To do this, for each machine that we manufacture, we assemble multidisciplinary and transversal teams that define and then manufacture, each element according to what the client wants.
We apply this to our machines:

  • Degreasing tunnels made of stainless steel, with sloping floors to avoid contamination between bathrooms and maximize the life of each one. Our tunnels comply with the strictest standards set by chemical manufacturers.
  • Drying ovens that enhance the mechanical effect to promote the elimination of moisture in the pieces, always trying to save the maximum fuel.
  • Paint booths, both for powder and liquid applications, easy to clean and maintain
  • Robots of 6 axes (jump to advanced engineering), manipulators, Cartesian systems and reciprocators for the application of painting and manipulation of pieces.
  • Polymerized and curing ovens where the homogeneity of temperatures in the interior favors the correct process of gelidification, cross-linking of paint, curing and polymerized that the most demanding paint manufacturers request.
  • Environmental systems for sustainability with the environment, so that the impact of these facilities with the environment is technically as low as possible.
  • Maintenance and transportation systems that make your production the one you want and the way to work that you find most interesting.
  • Maneuver control panels with the possibility of remote control and connection with other existing systems in your company.

All this thought so that the paint treatment installation is efficient and with all its requirements at an adequate price.