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Installations Performed

Lighting industry

The lighting sector is one of the sectors that in recent years have promoted major changes in technology and energy savings in its products, thus promoting changes in the rest of the industrial sectors.Incandescent bulbs are replaced by the LED lights, the sun power lights are much more efficient or the wireless and magnetic lighting are available today.

The manufacturers of the sector offer many types of different technical solutions and in each of their products, the aesthetic component gains prominence. This has allowed them to have landed in the international market with a very good position.

Our will is to contribute to the better competitiveness of our clients working to improve their facilities and paint operations. The materials we have worked on are metallic in all their variants, and in recent years we have started to work with resins and plastics.

Our design and manufacture of machinery focuses on collaborating with our clients so that their pieces, once passed through the coating installation, have the impressive and desired appearance that architecture and decoration firms demand.

We plan the installations in such a way that the machines get better performance, helping the way to work with the line, helping the design of the frames so they can produce many pieces without paint failures or contamination, and designing the most energy efficient machines possible, that facilitate the cleaning and the change of color as fast as possible of the paint booths, that the ovens or the conveyor chains do not generate dirt on the parts and the degreasing tunnels have the minimum contamination, achieving lines of easy maintenance and with minimum operating costs.

If you are thinking about a new paint train or want to improve the one you already have, we encourage you to contact us to work with you and obtain the highest productive, sustainable and economic performance of the painting process.