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Manufacture of Facilities


Environmental Systems

The environmental systems are aimed at the sustainable management of the waste generated by a painting installation.

In addition, administrations usually make periodic verifications of emission points to the environment, such as chimneys, water discharges to soil tastings in order to ensure that companies are fulfilling their duties. It is usually verified continuous and discontinuous emissions such as:

  • Volatile compound emissions are within the permitted parameters.
  • Emission of gases with greenhouse effect are under certain limits.
  • Liquid discharges to different channels, such as sewerage, polygons treatment plants, or natural channels.

Injoguisa installs complete solutions for the treatment, control and purification of industrial water.

We install integral systems for the treatment of air to eliminate pollutant gases and greenhouse effect, both from emitter to emitter, as would be for example to place filtration systems before the exit of the chimney, as collective systems of emitters, as for example the system that we assemble for the elimination of VOCs that you see in the photo that consisted of joining different emitting points in a pipeline with a system of fans where these regulated the aspiration according to the number of machines that worked and after which systems of gas capture were mounted with the option of being replaced when these are exhausted by others, with a real-time control of the resulting issue, after having passed this system, in order that the client knew their emissions at any time and thus also provide for maintenance and cleaning of the different elements.