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Manufacture of Facilities


Industrial Ovens

Industrial ovens are those that work in continuous processes and are designed and manufactured always thinking of a production and a way of working more or less stable over time.

Examples of industrial furnaces are:

  • Drying ovens. They are kilns that work at 120ºC, being able to reach up to 150ºC for work tips or pieces of more complicated geometry, designed to dry dampness, for example pieces that come from the degreasing tunnel, where an effect of both temperature and mechanical drag is sought humidity.
  • Polymerized furnaces. They are ovens designed for powder painting. They usually work at 200ºC, and can also reach jobs that require it at 250ºC. In these furnaces we aim to translate the temperature curve that the paint manufacturers request to the real temperature behavior on the piece.
  • Liquid paint curing furnaces. They are ovens designed for the correct hardening of the paint, and we design and manufacture them always thinking about the best option for the process. We can make previous flash-off zones, different areas of air flow, many or few aerations, etc.
  • Ovens open at the top for drying profiles, both in galvanic applications and aluminum baths.
  • Furnaces for special processes: those furnaces for applications other than paint, but with similar technologies, such as for stabilization of parts, special drying processes or chemical processes at temperature.