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Installations Performed

Automotive components

Companies in the automotive sector are forced to comply with very demanding standards of quality and price, which are requested by the different OMs, and which replicate it directly to their suppliers and reproduce it in their productions. Their process is always redefining to be more effective and productive.

Here, the Lean methodology, in the sense of eliminating processes that do not provide a clear value in production while encouraging cycles of continuous improvement, is essential to be used. That is why the work of our team of engineers is even more important and usually has permanent communication with the different companies of automotive components.

Our painting lines in this sector usually have PLC ready for different user levels, with different accesses through the touch screens that avoid the errors of manipulation of the machines. We also install communication modules to be able to act on a fault in the fastest and most accurate way possible.

We install sensors and detectors to reduce risks derived from common faults, controlled by PLCs and protected from bad use.

We robotize paint processes, integrating automatic application systems, circulating and other color change systems, as well as elements that inform you of the status of the application, product levels, etc. in every moment.

We install rack coding systems so you can control what is being worked on at each moment in the installation, so that you can know and control the status of a specific work order from your computer, mobile or tablet, or that receive a call to your phone informing you of a fault and that you can act instantly to solve it.

We encourage you to consult us to help you get the best possible performance from your machines, and work together to get the most out of the lower cost of your machines.